Climate change expert named 2019 ASLD

One of America’s leading climate change scientists grew up on the Palouse, where he loved to tinker in his dad’s basement machine shop. It was partly there that James Anderson, ’66, developed a knack for solving problems, a skill that served him exceedingly well when he earned a bachelor’s degree in physics from the UW.

Blending his love for science, space and engineering in his graduate school days, Anderson went on to become an internationally recognized expert in understanding the atmospheric chemistry affecting ozone and its implications for climate change and the health of our world’s population.

That’s what led the UW to honor the longtime Harvard professor as the recipient of the 2019 Alumnus Summa Laude Dignatus Award, the most prestigious honor presented to a UW alum.

Now 73 years old, Anderson shows no signs of slowing down. He still travels the world giving lectures about his research about the damage to the ozone layer. Anderson has already received numerous honors, such as election to the National Academy of Sciences as well as a display in the Smithsonian Institution that showcases his research projects.

But even though he lives on the East Coast, he remains attached to his alma mater, coming back to lecture in the UW Department of Physics, and following Husky sports, especially football.

In our September 2019 issue, we will have more coverage of the 2019 ASLD award.