March 24, 2017

Super citizens Bruce and Joannne Harrell honored with Charles Odegaard Award

They laugh when you call them a power couple, but UW Regent Joanne Harrell, a Microsoft executive, and Seattle City Councilman Bruce Harrell have earned the title. Their work and public service—both individually and in support of one another—is too great to describe briefly. A snapshot includes heading United Way of King County (Joanne, ’76,...

February 28, 2017

Jill bourne

iSchool alum Jill Bourne named 2017 Librarian of the Year

Jill Bourne, an iSchool alum, was named 2017 Librarian of the Year.

Young alum takes on role of parent after mother passes away

On the cliffs of Icicle Canyon in Leavenworth, Zulfiya “Zulya” Dokukina’s life reached a tragic end. In a freak accident on May 14, 2016, the veteran climber and native of Uzbekistan fell 80 feet and emergency responders couldn’t revive her. Her death at age 50 hit the climbing community hard and her daughters, Jenya and...


Alumni join students for 10-week workshop about race relations

Students and alumni come together for 10-week workshop about race relations.

Hoisting higher education in Haiti

Jean-Elie Gilles, ‘98, ‘02, built a new university in Haiti.

Emily Cabaniss

iSchool grad is one of the only opera company librarians in the U.S.

Emily Bolton Cabaniss, ’14, is the librarian for the Seattle Opera, one of only three opera companies in the entire U.S. to have their own librarian.

A one-inch autograph: Buying Bruce Lee’s signature

A high school essay by Bruce Lee is one of the earliest examples of his handwriting.

December 15, 2016

Peter W. Chiarelli receives 2016 UW Distinguished Alumni Veteran Award

Gen. Peter W. Chiarelli, ’80, receives the 2016 UW Distinguished Alumni Veteran Award.

Marilyn Strickland

Tacoma Mayor Marilyn Strickland: Politics is ‘a team sport’

Tacoma native Marilyn Strickland, '84, wants to be her city's most vocal advocate for education.

steve pool komo, weatherman

Weatherman Steve Pool celebrates 40 years at KOMO-TV

Steve Pool, ’77, celebrates 40 years on the air at KOMO-TV.