Artist turns the Henry into a work of art

Famed for her lusciously colored wall paintings, artist Sarah Cain draws inspiration from abstract art, graffiti and pop culture from the 1980s. This spring and summer, she transforms the Henry’s two-story East Gallery into the monumental painting, “Day after day on this beautiful stage.”

She employs the floors and walls—and couches—to create an immersive experience. Viewers often describe her work as happy-making, but Cain is also playing on themes of subverting male-dominated art culture. She intends for her work to take up space and draw attention. As a woman in the art world, “you have to push harder or talk louder,” she once told The New York Times.

“Sarah Cain: Day after day on this beautiful stage” will be on view through Aug. 27.

Photo by John Vicory, courtesy of Henry Art Gallery.