Stepping up Stepping up Stepping up

Dance students and faculty once again get a chance to strut their stuff at Meany Hall.

Photo by Steve Korn | December 2021

Students and faculty are dancing their way back onto the Meany Hall stages. In October, the UW’s Chamber Dance Company celebrated its 30th anniversary with performances of several historic works.

MFA students, professional dancers who have come to the UW to train to be dance educators, often take on the performances, which are meant to highlight modern-era choreography. Abdiel Jacobsen, pictured above, is a former principal dancer with the Martha Graham Dance Company.

In January, the dance program will showcase original choreography by the UW’s famed faculty. The show always delights audiences with its creativity and variety. Performances are Jan. 19-23 at Meany Hall Studio. Finally, the undergraduate dance majors will have their own concert series, March 2-6. For more information, visit