Bracing artistry Bracing artistry Bracing artistry

Future orthodontists show their artistic side, using the materials of their profession.

By UW Magazine Staff | March 2021

Continuing a playful, 54-year-old UW tradition, first-year residents in the School of Dentistry’s orthodontics program crafted wire sculptures using the materials of their profession.

The artworks, which were featured in a department exhibition in December, ranged from a portrayal of the Seattle skyline to a portrait of a resident’s Samoyed dog.

Ellen Hoang’s entry (pictured above) was inspired by the Japanese anime film “My Neighbor Totoro.” The award-winning cult classic features two young sisters who explore their new home and befriend some playful spirits (one of which is Totoro).

“Growing up with Studio Ghibli films, I always admired the creative story lines and artistic attention to detail,” Hoang says. “As I pursue orthodontics, I hope to continue to celebrate imagination and artistry with my patients.”