Longtime professor’s photography captured the beauty of campus

To experience the true beauty of the University of Washington’s Seattle campus, look no further than the photographs of Loyd Heath. A longtime accounting professor and associate dean of the Foster School of Business, Heath also documented the campus for decades with a camera and a keen eye.

His accounting accomplishments span from global to local: His research and activism pressured public companies to report their cash flows, and he steered the UW’s grading scale from letter grades to the decimal system (“2.8” still doesn’t have the same ring as “B-minus”).

After 36 years on the job, Heath retired in 1998 to focus full time on photography, which he did until he died in March. Defying stereotypes of both the scatterbrained artist and the boring bookkeeper, Heath used his insider lens to capture the intricacies of our complex campus down to the decimal point. See more at loydheath.com.