Licensing office trades on Husky passion

Everywhere you go, there are thousands of Husky fans who want purple and gold in their wardrobe, at their tailgate parties and displayed prominently in their office and home décor. Thanks to the UW Trademarks and Licensing Office, those wishes come true every day.

The office was established in 1982 with three goals: to protect the mark of the University, to promote the UW—and to bring in revenue to support the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics and other campus needs.

As anyone worth their purple and gold will tell you, the beloved “W” can be found everywhere—on merchandise sold in retail outlets around the world, in the air on the Horizon Airlines Husky plane and on the bumpers of more than 8,000 vehicles throughout the state of Washington.

Every item bearing licensed UW marks is produced by a UW Licensee who has contractually agreed to uphold the UW Code of Conduct, maintain product insurance, exhibit proper use of the marks and pay an established royalty on products sold.

“A look at the increase in royalties over the past six years shows how the UW’s reputation is growing,” says Kathy Hoggan, director of the Office of Trademarks and Licensing. “In the past five years, the royalties from the sales of licensed products has more than doubled. There is a strong indication that on-field performance [of Husky sports teams] has not been the only driver.”

Currently, the UW ranks 28th among 160 of the nation’s leading universities in royalties generated. In addition, the UW’s 355 licensees include many businesses that are owned or operated by alumni whose Husky passion has translated into sales success.