School of Pharmacy offers services to older adults

Last year, the UW School of Pharmacy began providing pharmacy services at University House Wallingford, a residential retirement community operated by Era Living and affiliated with the UW Retirement Association.

Offered through a School of Pharmacy program called UW Pharmacy Cares, the clinical services are especially important for older adults who take medications for several conditions and who have several specialists prescribing. Often, the UW pharmacist is the one provider who can evaluate the patient’s complete medication picture.

At University House, UW faculty pharmacists and students in training provide one-on-one medication consultations and drug-interaction screening. UW pharmacists have recommended specific changes that have resulted in positive effects related to heart health, reduced risk of falls, and overall improvement in well-being. On-site nurses report that the collaboration has been very beneficial.

The pharmacists provide monthly “Ask Your Pharmacist” newsletters and educational programs on relevant health-care issues, according to Skye McKennon, lead pharmacist for UW Pharmacy Cares. The pharmacists also look for cost savings for residents whenever possible.