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Viewpoint Magazine

Podcast series blends new and old ways of knowing

A new podcast produced in partnership with the UW is dedicated to humanities research and thought.

UW Magazine Online

Invisible history: Undoing the erasure of Tacoma’s Japantown

Much of the history of Tacoma's Japantown has been forgotten. Tamiko Nimura is bringing it back to life.

December 2023 Issue

Dr. John Hess sees service as a way of life

According to Dr. John Hess, this year's Distinguished Alumni Veteran Award (DAVA) recipient, service is a way of life.

UW Magazine Online

From Eastern Washington to the UW to the NFL and back

Husky football star Jake Kupp credits his time at the UW for taking advantage of opportunities to make a career on—and off—the field.

UW Magazine Online

Burgermaster will close U-Village location, but it will live on in UW grads’ memories

A hotspot for UW rowers and other community members, Burgermaster's flagship location has an uncertain future.

UW Magazine Online

Kela Designs celebrates Asian American identity through stickers, pins and more

Kela Wong celebrates her Asian American identity through Kela Designs, her small business, selling stickers, pins and more.

December 2023 Issue

Culinary scholar Michael Twitty shows how our history is baked into our food

The first Black author to garner the James Beard Award for Writing, Michael Twitty connects food, ancestry and cultures.

December 2023 Issue

Artist and audience sing along with the forest

Byron Au Yong, ’96, went to the Bloedel Reserve on Bainbridge Island to sing with the trees at an outdoor, participatory research event.

December 2023 Issue

‘Boys in the Boat’ is an exhilarating story about more than a rowing squad

Author Daniel James Brown recalls writing "The Boys in the Boat": "Anxiety quickly gave way to exhilaration."

December 2023 Issue

Involvement in research a game-changer for students

UW leaders thought having students do research would prepare them to take on the future. It became a national model.

December 2023 Issue

‘Genius grants’ awarded to 2 alumni for life-affirming work

MacArthur Foundation Fellowships that were awarded to two University of Washington graduates recognize their work in disparate fields.

December 2023 Issue

Artist adorns arboretum with cells of cedar

Seattle-based artist John Grade created the dynamic sculpture “Union” for the Washington Park Arboretum.

December 2023 Issue

Portrait celebrates Jacob Lawrence in his namesake gallery

The UW School of Art + Art History + Design unveiled a portrait of Jacob Lawrence created by Seattle-based artist Barbara Earl Thomas, ’77

December 2023 Issue

First lady discusses cancer ‘moonshot’ at Fred Hutch

The first lady, Jill Biden, visited the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center this fall, discussing the Biden Cancer Moonshot.

December 2023 Issue

UW makes a heartwarming basketball signing

Seven-year-old Ford Parks, who has a rare genetic condition, signed with the UW as an honorary Husky.

December 2023 Issue

Fans turn Red Square purple for College GameDay

A few thousand Husky faithful turned out for ESPN’s College GameDay before the showdown between Pac-12 football powerhouses UW and Oregon.

December 2023 Issue

1,100 years ago, double earthquake hit Seattle region, researchers prove

Solving a seismic mystery, researchers prove the Northwest was once hit with a double whammy.

December 2023 Issue

Vietnam veteran makes peace with the past, advances dentistry in Hanoi

Decades after serving in the Vietnam War, Dr. Mike Fey made peace with his past by developing a dental curriculum in Hanoi.

December 2023 Issue

Isaiah Thomas heads 2023 class of Husky Hall of Fame members

Isaiah Thomas, Paige Mackenzie and Krista Vansant are among seven former student-athletes and one coach added to the Husky Hall of Fame.

December 2023 Issue

‘Boys in the Boat’ makes UW a character on the big screen

Turning "The Boys in the Boat" into a Hollywood movie took a lot of research to re-create the UW of the 1930s.

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