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Viewpoint Magazine

UW Press celebrates “Aiiieeeee!” and a 50-year legacy of Asian American Literature

UW Press celebrates "Aiiieeeee!" and a 50-year legacy of Asian American Literature.

Viewpoint Magazine

Suquamish Tribe Chairman Leonard Forsman receives Charles E. Odegaard Award for Native rights advocacy

Leonard Forsman's love for cultural preservation has led to a life of service.

Viewpoint Magazine

‘Identity Unboxed’ podcast serves up unfiltered life lessons and business insights from Black professionals

Tiana Cole, ’21, and Brad Blackburn III, ’21, ’23, are two young alumni offering sound advice in their new podcast.

Viewpoint Magazine

Nuk Suwanchote celebrates UW Tacoma’s diversity stories with “Horizon Identities”

UWT Alumnus and filmmaker Nuk Suwanchote revisited his alma mater to explore the growing community of Asian American and Pacific Islander students, staff and faculty at UW Tacoma.

Viewpoint Magazine

Eddie Demmings, E.J. Brisker and Eddie Ray Walker left a legacy at the UW

Eddie Demmings, E.J. Brisker and Eddie Ray Walker—founding members of the UW's Black Student Union—fought for a better University.

Viewpoint Magazine

Maya Angela Smith reflects on the power of language and stories

UW Magazine Online

UW grad’s wading into pool market prompts other companies to take the plunge

Kris Myllenbeck couldn't find a stylish wading pool on the market, so she took the plunge and made her own.

June 2024 issue

Susie Tennant, champion of Seattle’s music scene, dies at 61

Susie Tennant was beloved for discovering and promoting bands such as Nirvana, Sonic Youth and Beck.

Viewpoint Magazine

Multicultural Alumni Partnership celebrates five outstanding students with 2023 MAP Awards

UW's MAP proudly presents the five outstanding student recipients of their 2023 MAP awards.

Viewpoint Magazine

Undocumented student program celebrates 10 years of impact

Leadership Without Borders, now 10 years old, empowers and serves undocumented students on campus.

Viewpoint Magazine

Jacob Lawrence Gallery welcomes new director Jordan Jones

Jordan Jones will provide curation, programming and leadership to the gallery.

No Issue

Mariama Suwaneh receives inaugural Spark Award from the Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity

Mariama Suwaneh, ’17, was an engaged student leader and activist on campus and continues to build community everywhere she goes.

June 2024 issue

Ceramic artist Patti Warashina receives UW Alumni Association Golden Graduate Award

The UW Alumni Association proudly presents Patti Warashina with the 2024 Golden Graduate Award.

June 2024 issue

University Book Store’s Louise Little receives UW Alumni Association Distinguished Service Award

Louise Little is the 2024 recipient of the UW Alumni Association Distinguished Service Award in honor of her decades of service to the UW community.

June 2024 issue

Dr. Shauna Elbers Carlisle receives UW Distinguished Teaching Legacy Award for her classroom and community work

The UW recognizes Shauna Elbers Carlisle for her outstanding work in and out of the classroom.

June 2024 issue

Sharon Thayer receives UW-UWRA Distinguished Retiree Award for volunteerism with Comfort Care Quilts

Sharon Thayer's quilting started as a retirement hobby. Five hundred quilts later, it's become much more.

June 2024 issue

Renowned photographer Art Wolfe receives UW’s Alumnus Summa Laude Dignatus award

The UW and UW Alumni Association present Art Wolfe, '75, with the Alumnus Summa Laude Dignatus, the highest honor bestowed upon a UW graduate.

UW Magazine Online

Ice cream dream: How Lois Ko continues to push the envelope on unique ice cream flavors in the University District and beyond

Lois Ko of Sweet Alchemy takes on art in all forms: prints, pottery, watercolor... and ice cream.

June 2024 issue

Olympic runner Don Kardong envisioned a race for Spokane—and ran with it

Olympic runner Don Kardong started the Bloomsday Run in Spokane in 1977. Since then, it has blossomed.

June 2024 issue

Bobbi Campbell, advocate for people with AIDS, awakened the nation to the AIDS epidemic

Bobbi Campbell, who attended the UW in the 1970s, put a face to the AIDS epidemic.

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