Temporary branch campus sites chosen

On Dec. 15, the Higher Education Coordinating Board approved proposed lease space for temporary facilities for University of Washington branch campuses. In the Tacoma area the University recommended lease space at 11th and A streets in downtown Tacoma, known as the Perkins Building. In the Bothell/Woodinville area, the University proposed lease of space in the Canyon Park Business Center off Highway 527 north of Bothell.

The branch campuses initially will each serve about 400 part­time students taking courses at the junior and senior levels. In the beginning, they will offer late afternoon and evening classes leading to an interdisciplinary degree in the humanities and social studies. Classes in both locations are scheduled to begin Oct. 1, 1990.

Earlier plans had called for locating temporary branch campus facilities near to the sites for the permanent campuses. However, in order to begin operation of branch campuses on schedule, while providing sufficient time to evaluate the environmental impacts of the permanent site alternatives, the University secured temporary leases ahead of selecting permanent sites. The siting of the temporary facilities is independent of any future permanent site.

University officials expect that the review of alternatives for permanent sites will take several more months. There are four sites under consideration in the Tacoma area and five in the Bothell/Woodinville area. Additional public meetings are scheduled for early spring. Officials anticipate a final recommendation to the Higher Education Coordinating Board before summer.

In another branch campus development, in December Dean of Branch Campuses Donna Kerr announced her resignation, to be effective June 30. She said she wished to free up time to return to her research in education.

President William P. Gerberding, in accepting her resignation, praised her “extraordinary contributions to this pioneering effort of developing branch campuses. She has poured an enormous amount of energy, creativity and analytical skill into this complicated and important effort.”

Gerberding reiterated the University’s determination to develop high quality institutions and to meet the deadline of opening classes on Oct. 1. A search committee for Kerr’s successor is currently being organized.