‘Axe Bat’ proving to be a hit in the MLB

Baden Axe Bat, MLB, baseball

Axe Bats, a division of Renton-based Baden Sports, had a home run of a 2016 baseball season. Twenty-eight major leaguers used its brand-new “Axe Bat”—so named because its handle is shaped like what you’d find on an ax—at some point during the 2016 season. Developed by Baden’s chief designer, Hugh Tompkins, ’09, the bat offers a grip that is designed to be ergonomically superior to a regular bat and improve the efficiency in players’ swings. Let’s look at who’s swinging the axe.

Exclusive Usage

MOOKIE BETTS, Boston Red Sox
.318  /  214 hits  /  31 HR  /  113 RBI
Career highs: All categories
Made 2016 All-Star game

JAKE LAMB, Arizona Diamondbacks
.249  /  130 hits  /  29 HR  /  91 RBI
Career highs: homers, hits, RBI

Most of the time

.318  /  201 hits  /  15 HR  /  74 RBI

CARLOS CORREA, Houston Astros
.274  /  158 hits  /  20 HR  /  96 RBI
Career highs: Hits, RBI

At least 1,000 at bats

AVISAIL GARCIA, Chicago White Sox
KURT SUZUKI, Minnesota Twins
STEVEN SOUZA JR., Tampa Bay Rays
CHRIS OWENS, Arizona Diamondbacks

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