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Sept. 1990 issue

Once a CEO, Robert Leventhal turns his talents to running UW business school

Robert S. Leventhal takes over as dean of the UW business school, with his sights set on making it among the nation's best.

Sept. 1990 issue

Peter Erös brings major-league talent to UW School of Music

A respected European conductor says goodbye to the concert hall to join the UW School of Music.

Sept. 1990 issue

Decorated architect George Nakashima dies at 85

George Nakashima created furnishings for homes, churches and public buildings around the world.

Sept. 1990 issue

Jenneth Webster, ’65, helps New York celebrate the arts

Jenneth Webster's job is to bring puppet shows, clown acts, jazz, tap dancing and music from a host of cultures to New York's premier performing arts center.

Sept. 1990 issue

Kyle MacLachlan, ’82, feels at home in ‘Twin Peaks’

"Twin Peaks" represents both a physical and professional homecoming for actor Kyle MacLachlan.

Sept. 1990 issue

UW engineers devise high-speed image processor

Engineers have invented an image-processing system that may be the world's sharpest, fastest and least expensive.

Sept. 1990 issue

Research funds bring Campaign for Washington closer to goal

Recent grants to the UW from IBM and the Lucille P. Markey Charitable Trust brought the Campaign for Washington to $166.7 million as of June 30.

Sept. 1990 issue

UW branches set to open at two sites

The University of Washington branch campuses in Tacoma and the Bothell/Woodinville area were set to open their classroom doors.

Sept. 1990 issue

Could a major extinction event happen again?

A sudden change in the environment killed off the dinosaurs 66 million years ago. Could it happen again, this time to the human race?

Sept. 1990 issue

Editor’s Eye: The ties that bind

A football game is an opportunity for the entire University community to gather in one place and celebrate itself.

Sept. 1990 issue

10 great moments in 100 years of Husky football

The story of University of Washington football, beyond the memorable games, the wondrous plays, even the unfathomable foibles, is also a constant catalog of surprises.

Sept. 1990 issue

Goal post panel urges better security at games

A committee delivered its recommendations to avoid a repeat of a 1989 melee at Husky Stadium.

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