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Dec. 1994 issue

UW computer scientists work to make computers smarter

Software engineers are creating programs that will turn computers into the ultimate in personal assistants.

Sept. 1994 issue

UW psychologists show sportsmanship is a winning strategy

Two UW psychologists are teaching players and coaches how to play the game, no matter who wins or loses.

Sept. 1994 issue

Record number graduate; demand for access remains high

Records were broken in June when 9,019 students graduated from the UW. At the same time pressure to get into the UW remains steady.

Sept. 1994 issue

UW receives record $122 million in private support

It was a record-setting year for private support at the University of Washington, with more than $122 million in gifts and private grants received during 1993-94.

Sept. 1994 issue

Columns wins 8 awards in 2 regional contests

Columns won two First Place Awards and two Second Place Awards in the 1993 Excellence in Journalism Competition.

Sept. 1994 issue

UW device freezes out certain forms of cancer

Tumors in the prostate and liver have a new nemesis in the Pacific Northwest—a UW Medical Center machine that can freeze and destroy cancer cells.

Sept. 1994 issue

Researcher tracks traffic accident risks by gender

A UW survey has found that both sexes have about the same number of accidents in their driving career, but it found some differences in the data.

Sept. 1994 issue

UW study explores link between hormones, SIDS deaths

UW medical student Michael Emery published the first experiment that links infant steroid hormones to breathing patterns during sleep.

Sept. 1994 issue

After years of debate, Southwest Campus plan wins approval

The Seattle City Council voted to approve the University's master plan for its Southwest Campus—completing a five-year process.

Sept. 1994 issue

NCAA limits football to 4 televised games in 1995

Retreating from a possible yearlong television ban, the NCAA infractions committee imposed additional penalties on the UW football program.

Sept. 1994 issue

Undergraduate college, semester system part of plan to revamp UW

A year­long Presidential Task Force proposed substantial changes to prepare the UW for the 21st century.

Sept. 1994 issue

Timeless formulae chosen for Physics/Astronomy Building

In the ever-changing world of physics and astronomy, the UW took a bit of a risk to inscribe 30 formulae and diagrams on the side of a building.

Sept. 1994 issue

Last residents moving out of historic Conibear Shellhouse

For 45 years the Conibear Shellhouse on Lake Washington was the home not only of racing shells, but also of many of the men who rowed in them.

Sept. 1994 issue

Longtime UW advocate and regent Mary Gates dies

The University of Washington lost one of its closest friends and biggest supporters when Mary Maxwell Gates, '50, a civic leader and longtime UW regent, died of cancer.

No Issue

William Bolcom, ’58, returns to impart musical wisdom

Bolcom, '58, returned to the UW for a two-week residency with his wife, noted mezzo­-soprano Joan Morris.

Sept. 1994 issue

Physics/Astronomy Building is built for 21st century science

A landmark building ties high-tech science to traditional architecture, forging a link to the southwest campus.

Sept. 1994 issue

Seminars connect freshmen to faculty, UW community

A group of professors and administrators is working hard to transform the first year at the University of Washington from lonely to inspiring.

Sept. 1994 issue

Images could soon be beamed straight to eyeballs

Take a good long look at your laptop computer screen. It soon could become a collector's item. And it will have company.

June 1994 issue

To some at UW, violence epidemic is a public-health issue

In the roaring political debate about how to curtail rampant violence, Harborview Medical Center is in the line of fire.

June 1994 issue

African-American alumni share the good and bad of their UW experience

To preserve the memories of other African-American students, we interviewed black alumni who went here during the '30s, '40s, '50s, '60s, '70s and '80s.

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