Editor’s Eye

March 7, 2018

A Rather uplifting experience

Our editor reflects on meeting one of his journalism heroes, Dan Rather, during the legendary newsman's visit to the UW.

December 14, 2017

Jon Marmor, Columns Magazine

Farewell to the Boeing 747

The Boeing 747, once the Queen of the Skies, is a winged monument to the University of Washington.

September 14, 2017

Jon Marmor, Columns Magazine

A love affair with libraries

Last year, the UW Libraries were visited 6 million times in person.

June 7, 2017

Jon Marmor, Columns Magazine

Zigzagging to the stage

For nontraditional students, commencement comes with a feisty pride.

September 1, 2016


In a world gone mad with terrorist attacks, mass shootings, racial profiling, police assassinations and baffling presidential election rhetoric, thank goodness there’s an oasis of sanity in the University District that will renew your faith in humankind. At least it does for me.

June 1, 2016

Editor's Eye: Quandary

When quitting school was the easiest path, it wasn't the right one.

March 1, 2016

Jon Marmor, Columns Magazine

Editot's Eye: Grateful

Each name on the UW's World War II memorial tells a story of sacrifice.

December 1, 2015

Editor's Eye: Montlake memories

The parking lot known as E-1 holds a lot of memories in its pavement.

September 1, 2015

A new U-District

This is not a fuddy-duddy column about how great the old days were in the U District. It’s just that with every passing week, the area becomes a bit more unrecognizable.

June 1, 2015

Editor's Eye: Aha

The best teachers get under our skin, in a good way. They get us up in the morning when we would rather linger in bed after a late night because who would want to miss that infectious enthusiasm? Our favorite teachers make us think and grow and smile. And they push us.

March 1, 2015

Editor's Eye: Jim

I first met Jim Long five years ago after he'd celebrated his birthday—his 100th. He wanted to touch base with the person who holds the same job he once held. Ever since that day, Jim became a mentor to me.