Huskies in our hearts

On a tragic anniversary in UW history, editor Jon Marmor pays tribute to the 17 Huskies who lost their lives on 9/11 and 9/12.

The cover of the December 2001 edition of Columns featured a memorial ribbon designed by art director Ken Shafer.

Two incredibly sad anniversaries are at hand, the kinds of dates that make your heart pound and make you choke up – 9/11 and 9/12. On those horrific back-to-back days 21 years ago, 17 Huskies lost their lives. And we want to let them know we keep them close in our hearts.

On 9/11, Army Sgt. Maj. Larry Strickland was at work in the Pentagon when he was killed as American Airlines 77 crashed into America’s military headquarters. He was the only Husky to die that awful day.

While we were still reeling the next morning, word of the crash of a sightseeing plane in Mexico that killed 16 Husky alumni and football fans. They were part of a contingent of 1,200 fans of the purple-and-gold who were taking a cruise from the West Coast to Miami, where they held tickets to the long-awaited showdown between Washington and the Miami Hurricanes in the Orange Bowl.

We take a moment to honor the memories of our fallen Huskies.

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