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Center for American Indian and Indigenous Studies wins grant

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation granted $1.8 million to the center to support students and research.

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Latinx alum’s cultural center paints the way for fellow artists

Jake Prendez, ’00, knows what it's like to feel like an outsider. Now he offers fellow Latinx artists a place to showcase their work.

Viewpoint Magazine

New dean focuses on Graduate School’s public mission

Joy Williamson-Lott wants to attract students who seek to make a positive impact on more than their own careers.

Viewpoint Magazine

Foster School’s business incubator serves up success

The Foster School's Consulting and Business Development Center boosts entrepreneurs from underserved communities.

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UW’s Q Center celebrates 15 years of inclusion

The Q Center continues to evolve and grow. It now serves 500 visitors per month.

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The many dimensions of Marvin Oliver

Oliver is the recipient of the 2019 Odegaard Award.

Viewpoint Magazine

The ways we see

Professor Stephanie Fryberg draws on her own life to build support for Indigenous children

Viewpoint Magazine

Postdoc program brings new voices to Eastern Washington

UW postdoc program brings new voices to Eastern Washington

Viewpoint Magazine

First-gen students find their way at the UW

Resilience, persistence and belonging help students survive the complexities of college.

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UW Bothell alumna serves good eats, with a side of advocacy

Taylor Hoang speaks up for small and immigrant-owned businesses.

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Campus food pantry is helping hungry Huskies

An on-campus pantry works to reduce hunger and end the stigma of food insecurity.

Viewpoint Magazine

From struggling student to top doc

Alumnus Lorne Murray, '96, credits his UW mentors for his success.

Viewpoint Magazine

Diverse student leaders spent their terms making UW a better place for everyone

All four of the 2017-18 UW student body presidents were people of color, and each of them saw race, equity and social justice as central to their position.

Viewpoint Magazine

Changing the faces and future of conservation

The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation is changing the faces—and future—of conservation.

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MFA painter Arely Morales brings laborers into the limelight

Arely Morales, '17, took inspiration from Latino artists and a poet in developing her style.

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